Vegetable Garden Program

When we make a vegetable garden it is very important to fertilize and replenish the nutrients of the soil so that the land continues to give us more and more food.

Therefore, in Profertil we accompany you, so that together we can continue giving more life to the soil, caring for and protecting our land.

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Get to know the recipes of the soil Know more about the program

Recipes of the soil

How do you make your vegetable garden a success? Become an expert in land care by watching our new campaign.

Workshops for Teachers

With the aim of reaching more schools and more families, in 2016 we renewed the program with a new proposal: vegetable garden workshops for teachers.

If you are a teacher and passionate about soil, be alert to the next edition and get involved in a different experience.

+58 schools

+180 teachers trained

+2000 students

And 9.95 general satisfaction in the workshops

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Download the Material!

If you want to carry out the vegetable garden experience at home or in your school, we provide you with all the information you need to do so.

Tips for you vegetable garden

There's still more! Valentina shares some tips that will be very useful when thinking about your garden.

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