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General Management Message

102-14, 102-15
Daniel Pettarin,
General Manager

When we began to publicly report our sustainability actions nine years ago, we did so convinced that it would be a path of strong transformation for our entire Company, involving everything from the most daily to the most challenging projects.

Indeed, it has. Today we are presenting Profertil's ninth Sustainability Report to all our publics, to continue to report on the actions we are taking in relation to the triple social, economic, and environmental balance.

In this journey, the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been set as guiding actions. We adhered to the Global Compact in 2014 and since then we have been deepening our work in this regard. This led to prioritizing the SDGs where we believe we have the most to contribute in order to align our sustainability strategy with the UN Agenda 2030.

As always, to ensure that our Report meets international standards, we do so under GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards. In this way, we put our work on a par with that of the world's leading companies and generate a large network of sustainability. Our main sustainability challenge is to take care of one of the most valuable resources for our country: the soil. Our products aim at that goal, replenishing the nutrients the soil needs to produce more and better food. This is of utmost importance in the fight against climate change: without nutrient replenishment, the land is depleted; if the land were depleted, agriculture would have to move on to new lands, where there are currently forests, jungles and other green lungs. In a world with a constantly growing population, achieving optimal crop yields is key, and for that we must responsibly manage the source, dosage, timing, and form requirements for fertilizer application.

Of course, we also want production to be sustainable. That is why over the years we have invested millions of dollars in projects that optimize the use of natural resources. Our agreement to produce Granulated Urea from wind energy is going through its first years. It will soon make 60% of the main nitrogen fertilizer available from renewable energies. This will result in approximately half of our country's wheat and corn production being nourished with Urea from sustainable energy sources.

In 2019 there was a milestone that particularly fills us with joy. The International Fertilizer Association (IFA) awarded the most important certification that a plant of our type can aspire to: it qualified Profertil with a score of excellence in the "Protect & Sustain Product Stewardship" program, which recognizes the safety and sustainability of the integral management of fertilizer during its life cycle. After an intense journey, which included the evaluation of all our processes by independent auditors, IFA placed Profertil in the first line of fertilizer companies in the world, together with other 51 companies that have already been certified.

Within our company, we continue to work on implementing our Diversity and Inclusion policy. The incorporation, for the first time, of women in the role of operators of our Bahia Blanca plant has been the visible sign of the enormous work that our team has been doing to provide opportunities for all, rejecting any type of discrimination and promoting equity.

To take care of all of us, we have put in full force the policy of prevention and control of addictions, by which we obtained the certification as Preventive Labor Environment, granted by the SEDRONAR. Our policy was also included in the IFREI Club Good Practice Guide (IAE). Both facts constitute an important recognition to the work done for the health and care of people.

As you can see, there is a lot to be known and highlighted. I take this opportunity, too, to say goodbye to all of you. After more than 11 years of having the honor of being at the head of this Company, the time has come to give way to another person who will continue the work.

It has been a period of which I am deeply proud. Not because of personal achievements, but because of what we, as Profertil team, have achieved. The challenges have been huge and together we have overcome them. I am leaving a company that looks to the future with hope, that wants to deepen its links with its stakeholders, that wants to commit itself more and more to the communities in which it operates and that, above all, is made up of a great team of people, passionate about giving more life to our land. Thank you very much.